India Research Group

India Research group is a networking group of researchers, academicians, and industry in the area of Computing, Communication, Science, Engineering, and Technology.

India Research group members will be engaged in a networking venture to share research, inquiry, and knowledge applied to all dimensions of Science, Engineering, and Technology.

Benefits from participation include:

  • Opportunity to meet new people and enhance professional networking engaged in similar studies, research, or activity.
  • Upgrades knowledge by access to keynotes in the conference that provide new perspectives on the interests of the group and potential for developing your own perspectives, critical research, and professional activity.
  • Opportunities to collaborate in future conferences and possibilities to get invitations as a guest, speaker, or join as a team member of India Research Group.

A series of conferences will be organized for this Interest Group and will promote lively and constructive participation among postgraduate, academicians, and practitioners alike. So – do join us and contribute to a growing area in the India Research Group membership in a network engaged in ‘focused research activity ‘.

Previous Speakers

Dr. Tarek N. Saadawi, CUNY, USA
Dr. S.D Sudarsan, ABB Research India
Dr. Balaji Rajendran
Dr. Balaji Rajendran, C-DAC Bangalore
Dr. Narottam Chand
Dr. Al-Sakib Khan
Dr. Al-Sakib Khan Pathan
United International University, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Dr. Durga Toshniwal
Dr. Durga Toshniwal, IIT Roorkee
Luca Chiaraviglio
Luca Chiaraviglio, University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy

Prof. Marc Shapiro
Prof. Marc Shapiro, Sorbonne Université, Paris, France
Dr.Tapati Banerjee
Dr. Tapati Banerjee,  Director, NATMO, GOI, INDIA
Mr. Sarmesh Maluvadhu
Mr. Sarmesh Maluvadhu, MSR Sons, India
Srini Ramaswamy
Srini Ramaswamy, ABB Research, USA
Mauro Conti
Mauro Conti, University of Padua, Italy
S N Singh
S N Singh, IIT Kanpur, INDIA